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Dubai Mall Encounters Penguin/Ray/Crocs/Otter/Shark Trainer

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

We have carefully designed a series of animal encounters and diving experiences for our visitors to come face-to-face with our aquatic residents. From interacting with our Small-Clawed Asian Otters to sharing the water with our Sharks and Rays, there’s surely a memorable moment to be made with your friends and family at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo!

Dubai continues to surprise the world with its new and unique attractions, and the Penguin Cove is the newest of the lot. A part of the well-loved Dubai Aquarium, the Penguin Cove is the new home to 16 Gentoo penguins (8 females and 8 males), which were brought from a facility in the USA.

The Penguin Cove is a special temperature-controlled facility that has been created to replicate the Sub-Antarctic environmental conditions. To make the penguins feel right at home, the temperature of the place is kept between 2 and 4 degree Celsius, while the temperature of the water is kept between 5 and 7 degree Celsius. There is also a special lighting system that mirrors the penguins' annual light cycle.

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