Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Make your visit in Dubai and Abu Dhabi a memory of a lifetime.

Dubai is a stunning city from its beaches to the desert to the skycrapers. Burj Khalif being the tallest skycraper in the world with 163 floors, it's a breathtaking experience to seeĀ  the full view the Arabian Gulf, the City of Dubai, and beyond.

Abu Dhabi is a must-visit city for a thrilling adventure. It is one of the most preferred holiday destinations due to its natural beauty, historical sites, and the vast number of fun activities to enjoy.

From UAE to the Holy Land, Immerse yourself in the sacredness and natural beauty of the Israel with this captivating 7-day tour. From the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem to the picturesque Galilee, and the profound moments of Jesus' last days, this pilgrimage journey offers a unique blend of spirituality and scenic wonders.

Begin your journey in Bethlehem, the revered birthplace of Jesus. Visit the significant sites associated with his birth, including the Church of the Nativity and Manger Square. Experience the timeless beauty of this holy city and feel the presence of the divine.

Next, venture to the enchanting Galilee region, where Jesus performed miracles, including walking on water. Explore the shores of the Sea of Galilee, visit the ancient city of Capernaum, and take a boat ride on the serene waters, soaking in the same landscapes that Jesus once traversed.

Continue to retrace the steps of Jesus during his last days. Walk the path of the Via Dolorosa, reflecting on the stations of the cross, and visit the iconic Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. Gain a deeper understanding of these pivotal events that shaped the course of Christianity.

Amidst these profound spiritual encounters, take time to appreciate the natural beauty of the Holy Land. Marvel at the stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to serene bodies of water, and witness the harmonious coexistence of history and nature.

Throughout this pilgrimage journey, you will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will provide insights into the biblical significance of each site, allowing you to truly connect with the stories and teachings of Jesus.

Join us on this remarkable 7-day tour as we intertwine the spiritual and scenic aspects of the Holy Land, creating an unforgettable experience that will deepen your faith and leave you in awe of this cherished region.


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Day 1

August 31 Arrival - Dubai Airport

Meet & Greet at Dubai Airport and drop in hotel.
Dinner in Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Day 2

September 1 Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour
Burj Khalifa Sky View 124th-125th Floor
Dubai Mall (free time)

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Day 3

September 2 Dubai Attraction

Museum of the Future
Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Day 4

September 3 Abu Dhabi Tour

Check out from Dubai Hotel (options for Hotel)
Transfer and check in Abu Dhabi Hotel
Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Day 5

September 4 Abu Dhabi Attractions

Yas Island
Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Day 6

September 5 Holy Land

Meet & Greet at Ben Gurion airport
Check in at Jerusalem Hotel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Day 7

September 6 Start of Holy Land Journey

Old City of Jerusalem & Mount Zion (full day)


Day 8

September 7

Bethlehem - Mount of Olives
The Dead Sea


Day 9

September 8

Sea of Galilee


Day 10

September 9

The Sea of Galilee (full day)


Day 11

September 10 Departure

Check out & Airport Transfer




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AED 11500 Per Person

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